Have you heard about the true beauty of the central coastline of Vietnam? Their beaches, beauty spots, and local towns are especially attractive but receive few if any by domestic or foreign vacationer. And, sometimes accommodations in those locations are a bit rustic, little of luxury resort, and the local food is incredibly fresh and delicious.

Binh Dinh and Tuy Hoa, the two provinces in the Central coast region of Vietnam, are talked about. They are well known for their long white sand beaches, majestic mountains and historical-cultural vestiges that are waiting for you to explore.


Day 1: Arrival at Hanoi 

Arriving at Noi Bai International airport in Hanoi, you’ll be met and driven to your hotel. You’ll have time to relax after your journey. You’ll spend the night in Hanoi.

Day 2: Hanoi/Quy Nhon

After breakfast, you will be picked up by the driver and be driven to Noi Bai airport for your flight to Quy Nhon city (Binh Dinh Province). Arrival at Phu Cat airport in Quy Nhon city, you will be greeted by our guide and be driven to the hotel where you will have rest and spend the night. 

Day 3: Quy Nhon City Orientation 

After breakfast, you will spend the morning to explore the Cham towers in Qui Nhon City - a kind of special religious architectural Cham people and effected by Hinduism architectural. You will visit Banh It Tower which is located on a picturesque hilltop, includes four towers built in 11th century. Next, you visit the parallel three towers named Duong Long Tower which were built by brick on 12th century with 29m-36m long. Especially you will see the unique architecture of Cham Tower named Twin Towers. They were built in 12th century with two tower stand together like a happy couple. You can also find the body of the God bird Garuda on the corners of the towers. 

After lunch at local restaurant, you will continue to visit Quang Trung Museum, which is dedicated to Emperor Quang Trung, a national hero of the 18th century. Visit Quang Trung Museum, you will have a deep understanding about the history and culture of Vietnam during 18th century, including various statues, costumes, documents, artefacts, also the elephant-skin battle drums and gongs from the Bahnar tribe. After that, you’ll enjoy the music and demonstrations of Tay Son martial art, a traditional martial art of Binh Dinh Province. A display of Emperor Quang Trung 9th generation's niece playing the 11 battle drums can also be seen. 

After the city tour, you’ll be driven back to your hotel in Quy Nhon city to spend the night there.

Day 4: Quy Nhon/Ghenh Rang/Nhon Ly Dunes/Quy Nhon 

After breakfast, you will start the day with the trip to Ghenh Rang. Ghenh Rang is located in South east of Binh Dinh, 3km from Quy Nhon City center. It is known for the pristine beach, high mountains, and many rock with interesting shapes. The high mountains are gathering in the south west. Each rock seems to have own soul with the deep love for sea: the Lion’s Head rock, the Lying Elephant and Bear, the Chong rock look like soldiers protecting country. It is like a beautiful architectural complex which is molded by hand of Mother Nature.

You will then go further to the north east of Ghenh Rang, there is Hoang Hau beach which is the best beach of Binh Dinh with the powdery golden sand and blue water. The name Hoang Hau means “queen” because this was the place where Bao Dai King built a villa for spending time with his most beloved wife – Queen Nam Phuong.

After lunch, you will spend time to explore Nhon Ly, famous for its dunes and beach. This sand dunes is located next to the beach Nhon Ly, belongs to Phuong Mai Peninsula, 20km from Quy Nhon city center. Come to the dunes, you can start to discover the sand dunes nearly 100m elevation. On the journey to conquer, you’ll see the vast of sand world and wild charm beauty of it with the sand seems to be transformed daily, hourly by sea breezes.

Especially, in this place you will be entertained with thrilling games very interesting is sliding sand. This game is suitable for everyone, as a leisure sport program in weekend. After sliding sand, the rest of the day you will have time to swim in Nhon Ly beach, to get the cool and exciting feeling. You will be back to your hotel in the late afternoon and spend your night in the hotel.

Day 5: Quy Nhon/Phu Yen/Da Bia Mountain/Vung Ro Bay/Dai Lanh Lighthouse

In the early morning, you will head to Tuy Hoa city (Phu Yen Province) from Quy Nhon. Upon arrival in Tuy Hoa, you will visit south of Phu Yen Province, start along 1A highway toward South and go straight to Da Bia Mountain in Ca pass. The mountain is very famous because of a gigantic stele on the peak which you can see from far away. You will have to trek about 1.5 or 2 hours to get to the stele. From there, you can see the panorama view of Vung Ro Bay and Phong Van Bay (of Khanh Hoa province), a very impressive scene. Vung Ro Bay used to be the stop of “Non- registered Ship” on Ho Chi Minh legendary sea trail. (Alternative, if you don’t like trek, you can spend the time to visit coastal area of Vung Ro Bay)

This stele was built by Le Thanh Tong King at 1471, after the war attacking Champa kingdom. The king ordered to build this stele as boundary between the two countries. 

You will enjoy the specialty Dai Lanh squid at the foot of Ca pass. Dai Lanh squid is very famous; they’re very small, just a bit bigger than finger and very fresh and tasty. After lunch, your next destination is Dai Lanh lighthouse. The lighthouse is in Dai Lanh cape which is nearly the easternmost of Vietnam. You park vehicles at the foot of lighthouse then climb up. You will spend the night in Tuy Hoa

Day 6: Tuy Hoa City Sightseeing

After breakfast, you’ll start your sightseeing to Thanh Luong pagoda where you learn about the 200 year old made of valuable wood statue of Quan Am Bo Tat. Then, you’ll visit Da Dia cliffs, an amazing natural creature. They are structured with a surprising geology, including bountiful rocks in disparate shapes: circular, pentagonal, hexagonal or other polygonal looks. They are stacked together in a heap or fixed in pillars like plates overlapped each other. From a far corner, the whole area looks like a giant beehive.

After that, you’ll head to Mang Lang church regarded as the 3rd oldest in the world, which is said to be Phu Yen gem. The church was built 130 years ago by French priest Joseph de la Cassagne who started erecting it in a paddy field in 1892. The Gothic architecture of the church front side evokes imagination of an artistic-full church in France or Roman. The first book written in Romanised Vietnamese is kept in the church. You will visit Tuy An District for the lunch. An Dinh Commune of Tuy An District is well-known for its tasty and healthy dish of steamed glutinous rice cooked with young dove meat.

In the afternoon, you will visit Bao Lam Pagoda. The Pogoda is located by the Chop Chai mountainside, 3,5km away from the city centre to the North. It was founded To Huy Dao Trung who belonged to the 38th Lam Te faction. Here you can witness a statue of Thich Ca Buddha standing on a purely white lotus shaped lamp support. The landscape here is so peacefully poetic and elegant white, the pagoda bell is echoing, which seem to bring you into a fairy land, melt all their depressions themselves to the universe. You’ll spend the night in Tuy Hoa.

Day 7 to Day 8: Tuy Hoa Free

The days are free at your leisure, lazing on the beach, or strolling in the town to explore daily life of local people or relaxing at your hotel. You’ll spend the night in Tuy Hoa.

Day 9: Tuy Hoa/Ho Chi Minh City

You’ll be free until your driver arrives to take you to the Dong Tac airport to Ho Chi Minh City. You’ll arrive in Ho Chi Minh City in a good time to connect with your international departure flight. Tour ends!

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