Do we have to tip?
Tipping is something of a grey area. As a principle and general guidance, our tour guides and all of our service men and women are advised not to ask for tips. That means, their friendly attitude towards you will not depend on you tipping them or nor tipping them. At the same time, if you feel like it, they won’t say no to any tip you decide to give.
Ability of the tour guide?

The tour guide is the person who will be with you while you are vacationing. All of our tour guides are sourced locally. This allows them to speak at ease with the local minority population that you will encounter. Further, each and every one of our tour guides has been certified as an ‘International Tour Guide’. This certification is provided by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, the authority on tourism operations here in Vietnam. 

We also have a strict feedback system that is used on the guides. Every guide needs to maintain a feedback rating above 8 out of 10. When their rating falls below this, they cannot return to guiding until they have been retrained.

Can I change my tour details after confirmation?
Once the official payment has been made, changes in tour details should be requested via email ( or email of the staff processing your booking), and is subject to a surcharge of hotels and restaurants (depending on each case). Possibility of reservation amendments is also subject to service availability of our suppliers (hotels, restaurants and other)
I'm from the United States. Will I face any hostility because of the war?
You will be surprised by the warmth of your reception. We Vietnamese live in the present and the future – the war is history. We warmly welcome people from all countries and races.
Once I make a hotel or cruise reservation, will I receive any written confirmation from the hotel or the cruise?

No, you don't receive any confirmation from the hotel or the cruise.

You will receive the confirmation email and the invoice from us – Ancient Orient Journeys. That are all you need. It shows the total cost, bank fee, the cancellation policy... etc.

You are also able to check your booking status directly from the cruise or the hotel if you want to.

Why is it so expensive for one person to travel alone with the cruise?
Cruise lines (and resorts) base their rates on double occupancy. When traveling alone, you will be charged a supplemental fee since you are not sharing the cost of the cabin with someone else. This only applies to the room rate, not to taxes and airfare.
When is my final payment due?
Final payments are due 40 days prior to travel. Your e-mail confirmation and the invoice you will receive in the mail will indicate the actual final payment date for your trip. We will contact you prior to the final payment date as a reminder. Regardless of booking made within 40 days, full payment shall be required.
Do I need to pay the deposit?

The deposit is required to guarantee your reservation (tours, hotels, transfer, ...etc). After received your deposit, we're going to reserve the services for you. So the deposit is required to secure your booking.

Normally, 20% of total cost will be required for deposit at the booking time.

For some urgent cases or type of promotion, we will require full payment at the booking time.

What if we have small children traveling with us?

For shared rooms with their parents, normally a child under 5 years old is free of charge. If an extra bed for your child is needed it would result in some additional costs.

We recommend you to arrange a private tour just for your family, thus giving you and your family more room and comfort during van transportation and flexibility in your tour itinerary.

It is the best to consult with your doctors before you bring your newborns or infants traveling to Vietnam.

Before traveling, please talk with our consultants to figure out how you will manage all the baby gear at all the sites.

How can I know that your travel agents' registration number is genuine?

You can find further information about us as following:

1. Our International tour operator license was issued by VNAT - Vietnam National Administration of Tourism - the governmental office of tourism of Vietnam. This license is a certification of Ancient Orient Journeys’s bond at an approved bank to guarantee financial security in respect of customers’ advanced payments as well as the quality of travel services.

For further information, you can check with VNAT - Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (a governmental office of tourism of Vietnam). Please mail to: or call at +84 3944 7571

2. We can put you in touch with a couple of our previous clients so you can contact them to learn more about us. If you prefer this option, we will ask for their permission first and then send you the contact details. 

3. Once you book services with us, you can send an email to our partner/ suppliers and find out if your services have been booked by us or not.

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