Danang is one of the major port cities in Vietnam and the biggest city on the South Central Coast of Vietnam; the city is situated on the coast of the Eastern Sea, at the opening end of the Han River The third largest city in Vietnam, Da Nang is in close proximity to Hue- 3 hours North and Hoi An- 30 minutes South, which makes it a perfect stop point for those who need a break from touristy areas. Da Nang is growing into one of the most organized urban area. Da Nang is a coastal city in central Vietnam known for its sandy beaches and history as a French colonial port. It's a popular base for visiting the inland Bà Nà hills. Here the Hải Vân Pass has views of Da Nang Bay and the Marble Mountains, 5 limestone outcrops that are home to pagodas and caves containing Buddhist shrines.

lightbulb_outline Highlights:

  • Da Nang is also a place for authentic local cuisines. Due to its low volume of visitors, residents’ lives take place the way they have been for years. Many street vendors can be found in the market and along Han River, offering My Quang (Quang noodle).
  • Da Nang is probably most known among Vietnamese for its speedy real estate and private property development.

wb_sunny Weather:

  • Temperature is highest from May to September, hovering around 24 Celcius degree. Unlike Hue, the proximity of Da Nang to Pacific Ocean keeps it cooler than it should be. In other months, the temperature does not drop below 20.
  • Rainfall level is highest in winter month from September to January.

star_border Best time to visit:

The whole area here is full of glorious beaches and that is of course a big part of Danang’s appeal. The weather is obviously very important for travellers hoping to catch some rays, whilst relaxing on the golden sands. The best time to visit Danang for sunbathing is February to May the best time to visit Da Nang. At this time the sun is less fierce. Between June and August the city and its beaches do get very crowded as Vietnamese people take their annual leave.

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