Choose your journey of discovery with Ancient Orient Journeys to make your dreams come true

Ancient Orient Journeys specializes in tailored tours to the former Indochina countries of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos and Thailand too. We are a small team living and working in these countries. We have the benefit of local expertise and keep costs down as there is no ‘middle man’ involved. You deal direct with us.

We have a UK office if you require more information on the places you want to visit or to answer any queries. Our mission is for you to have a wonderful time. We listen to clients. Your travel plan has to be perfect for you and the quality of your travel experience. We care deeply about what you think and pay attention to the smallest details. By doing this are we are confident your dream holiday or vacation will be really special. Although we have many tours in several categories we have no set recipe.

All holidays are tailor-made to your own tastes and preferences. Our tour designer will consult you to create an exclusive trip to match your interests and budget. Our operations team will then plan the detail for you to live your dreams. Customer delight, not just satisfaction, is our top priority.

Vietnam tours
Vietnam tours package
Vietnam tours
Vietnam tours

All accommodation, tour guides and services we recommend and use are inspected thoroughly. We monitor these to ensure standards are consistently met. At AOJ we call this our client value chain so all parts work really well and fit neatly together.

Experience our exquisite service whether a new client, a regular traveller with us or an agent.

We are so proud to show you our wonderful Orient and the delights of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. Thank you for your interest in us.

Why Choose Us

Feel the pulse of Asia and enjoy a memorable travel experience – with a dynamic Asian company dedicated to service, quality and value
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A unique holiday – personally for you:
  • Explore your preferences and special interests at your own speed. Say where you wish to visit. Tell us the activities you want to do. Need more ideas or our advice? No problem. Your tour specialist will design a trip perfect for you.
  • Experience the privacy and flexibility of a custom made tour, maybe with your own group. Travel with people you know well. Relax and let us do the work.
  • Select your preference. Choose from 3* hotels to luxury 5* and from simple and modern to boutique or unique style and mid to top range. You decide.
  • Enjoy an authentic and unique travel experience, blended to your own taste, interests, preferences and duration.
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Our commitment to service, quality and value:
  • We reply to your emails within 24 hours. We are also available on Skype and by telephone to assist you.
  • All suppliers from hotels to guides are inspected regularly to assure high and consistent standards and service delivery quality.
  • We aim to get the best rates for our clients to keep prices competitive.
  • Our tour specialist manages the entire trip from planning to your return. If any issue arises during your tour this specialist will solve it to your satisfaction.
  • Enjoy the luxury of your own tour manager, unlike many companies who put you through to different departments before finding a person who can help.
  • We aim to offer great value and exceed client expectations.
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A passionate team with great expertise:
  • Our people are experts on Asia and have worked in the travel industry for many years. Their knowledge is not only extensive but relevant to where you will visit.
  • Our dynamic and active team will explore new destinations, experiences and opportunities. We are confident of providing the best tour programme for you that may include many places and activities other companies might not offer.
  • Guides for each tour are hand picked by us as the best available. They are all fully licensed, qualified foreign language speakers and are very knowledgeable and professional with many years experience.
  • Our guides offer much more than dates, names and basic information about places and attractions. They are travel companions throughout your tour and offer a real insight into each country visited and its culture.

Meet the AOJ Team

Feel the pulse of Asia and enjoy a memorable travel experience – with a dynamic Asian company dedicated to service, quality and value
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Our Concept

Vinh & Trang, co-founders, comment “the creation of AOJ is our dream and passion.” Steeped in the travel sector we designed and managed tours for other companies. We both felt a better approach was needed – the AOJ way, not their way. Our philosophy is “ go with happiness” that means superb design and terrific service for a unique travel experience. A healthy, happy life is in our hearts. A fantastic trip enriches all our lives.

Another passion is client value that is also dear to the heart of Stuart, our consultant. We all believe in the client value chain from design to delivery so all parts fit together really well. Our young team excels at this. We have wide experience, not only in travel but hospitality, from Indo-China to Australia and the UK with strong USA connections also.

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Our Brief Story

ays Stuart, six years ago I organized a group tour to Vietnam. I did not want to use a UK high street travel agent. My aim was to find a local operator. Not only would they have greater expertise and knowledge but were likely to be much more in tune with the pulse and culture of the country, and its people.

I said to the group this will be a leap of faith even though I will do my homework. My contact was the reliable Vinh, solid as a rock and with unlimited

patience until the tour details were spot-on. Since then I have organized other group tours and trips for friends.

Then one day Vinh said my dream is my own travel company that will specialize in unique and customized tours. The concept of AOJ was born. AOJ is living out its motto. So go with happiness to live your own dreams!

Our People

Customer delight, not just satisfaction, is our top priority.
Vinh Nguyen
Marketing & Sales/Owner
My priorities are designing fantastic and personalized tours & trips, selecting our own travel partners and suppliers and inspiring fresh ideas. Clients tell me I am honest and very reliable and “do what it says on the tin!” I also oversee client feedback. I hold a Bachelor of Tourism & Social Science and am always keen to learn more. That is the way we all improve. Part of my role is training. My belief is if we focus on client needs and deliver precisely what we promise we will be more successful. I believe this is good marketing. It is all about enhancing the customer experience. I have worked at the sharp end as a tour guide, tour team leader and for years as a sales manager. My real buzz is tour design. Out of work my interests are listening to a variety of music and reading. For relaxation I like to run, enjoy the gym and play basketball. Believe me, all this does relax the mind!
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Trang Tran

Marketing & Customer Care Logistics/Owner

Vinh & I develop our strategy and I manage all client care logistics and also our team of people.  These all link closely and are the route to sales.  We believe client referral is a great source in aiming to grow.  
I oversee all travel operations as I have a very similar background. I hold a Bachelor of Commercial Law and Academy of Tourism qualification and posses various other skills such as creative graphic design.  I produce all AOJ material.   
My ambition is to continue to build a young, committed, enthusiastic team.  This means being happy in their roles and contributing to business success.  Each team player counts.  
Away from work, I much enjoy travel and experiencing different cultures and cuisine.  It is good to experiment with new dishes when I get home,  Vinh always likes them.  He is so polite!  I too like music and play the guitar and ukulele.  Socializing with friends is also important to me.  

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Anh Le
Travel Consultant

My life quote is "Do things you like and like things you do". To me, if you really happy when doing something, that will be the key to success. So, I always realize my dreams and try my best to perform it. I enjoy travel to know more about different culture and capturing the moments and the beautiful sceneries. I really like walking by the beach and seeing sunset. After each trip, I accumulated good experiences, and with my knowledge, I specializes in coordinating and booking travel arrangements for individuals, groups and businesses. I always give my advices to clients. Recommendations could include avoiding the originally requested hotel due to poor reviews, adjusting the travel dates to get a better deal or bundling the travel services into a single package to save money. Advice may also be given regarding anticipated weather conditions and popular activities and events to partake in during your stay. That is the basis of developing AOJ become more professional.

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Stuart Sherring

Business Consultant

Back to the former day jobs really to get the best from people.  I was head of finance and then business operations in social care for 20 years before moving into consultancy for a similar period.  I hold professional, business management and teaching qualifications and a degree in education.  Lifelong learning has been a constant companion.  
Retirement lasted six months.  I then decided to indulge my passion of writing.  My first book on a chunk of Colonial African history was privately published earlier this year.   I am a U3A group leader and run a Discussion Group and a course entitled: Life in Victorian Britain.  All this keeps me out of mischief and off the streets at night!  
Family means a lot.  Neil heads up a large telecoms business and Claire is a team leader in medical research in NZ.  They have stopped asking when I will retire!  I try to make time for music.  We have a great orchestra here in Bournemouth, UK.  Like Vinh I work out and play chess.  Perhaps we can play online sometime.

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Dinh Tran
Marketing & Sale Executive

As a newbie in tourism business, I’m looking forward to learn more from my colleagues. Graduated Bachelor Degree of International Business which is not quite related to Tourism but I believe somehow it would be utilized in my present job. 

In the journey of growing up, I was always inspired by the quote “Live, Love, Laugh”. It suits me well and this is how I want to live my life. No matter how miserable your life is, there is always another door awaiting you. 

I enjoy traveling and having great times with my beloved family and friends. As an introvert person, sometimes I need some “me time” alone in my room to watch TV shows and play games. 

I love to create content for social media and that’s what I in charge in my previous job. I was trying to produce content in order to engage with the audiences and make sure it is useful for people who follow AOJ. Sale skill is also my strong ability to help people who interested in a private customized journey with AOJ.

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