Non like other touristy tours, we'll take you to see some special sites around Phnom Penh which will bring you the very good impress


Phnom Penh/Silk Weaving/Ancient temple 

After breakfast, you’ll pick up and driver to Takeo province where you’ll stop at Prei Kabas District then you’ll visit the Cambodian Silk & Scarf weaving for selling to traditional market in Cambodia and around the country, in there you’ll able to Phnom Chiso Hill, At the top of Phnom Chisor sit some very nicely preserved 10th/11th century AD Angkorian era ruins. The temple was constructed under King Suryavarman I during a period when Angkorian Empire was powerful and on the rise. As most Angkorian temples of the period, this temple is Hindu, dedicated to Shiva and Vishnu. Scenes including Brahma, Shiva and Visnu are still visible, carved on some lintels and pediments. You’ll have lunch at local restaurant around the area, local food to be serve. After lunch you’ll have the chance to visit The Phnom Tamao area is a popular destination for weekend holidayers from Phnom Penh, offering picnicking, a zoo and some minor Angkorian-era ruins. The Ta Khmau Zoological Gardens is Cambodia’s newest and best zoo displaying a variety of animals including lions, tigers, bears, birds and more. Before heading back to Phnom Penh Capital City, you’ll make another stop at So-call “Killing Field” where reveal the sadness during Khmer rouge control the country. Drop back hotel and your overnight at hotel in Phnom Penh.

Choeung Ek, the ‘killing fields’, was the final destination of nearly all the inmates of S-21. The helpless victims were slaughtered in their thousands and thrown into more than a hundred shallow burial pits dug by the prisoners. The total number of men, women and children buried at Choeung Ek is estimated to be around 15,000. It was one of many extermination centres spread across the entire country – and by no means the largest!

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