February is in the peak season for visiting Laos. With its cool weather and clear skies, February is a good time to explore Laos' numerous historical relics and natural sites. 

February is also the month when Chinese New Year and Vietnamese New Year are celebrated. 

You can experience the festival in many cities of Laos , including Vientiane and Pakse
  1. Laos Weather in February
  2. Laos' Major Cities' Weather in February
  3. The Best Places to Visit in Laos in February
  4. Crowding and Costs in February
  5. What to Bring/Wear in February

1. Laos Weather in February

Average temperature range: 18–31°C (64–87°F)

Rainfall: about 20 mm (1 inch)

Rainy days: 3

Sunny days: 25

February  is in the Laos dry season. The weather is generally warm and sunny during the daytime and mild at night, with an average daily temperature range of 18°C to 31°C. Rainfall is occasional and light in February .

It is one of the best months to do outdoor activities in Laos

2. Laos' Major Cities' Weather in February

City Min. Temp. (ºC) Max. Temp. (ºC)  Rainfall (mm)
Luang Prabang 15 32 19
Vientiane 19 31 17
Vang Vieng 15 31 17
Pakse 21 34 8

Luang Prabang: Luang Prabang's weather in February is quite warm and even hot during the daytime, but mild/cool at night. Lowest temperatures are around 15°C (59°F), and highest temperatures reach around 32°C (89°F). Rainfall is expected on 3 days averaging 19 mm (0.8 in) in total.

Vientiane: It is quite warm and sunny in Vientiane in February, ranging from 19°C (66°F) at night to 31°C (88°F) in the daytime on average. Rainfall is occasional in February, with precipitation of about 17 mm (0.7 in) spread over about 3 days.

Vang Vieng: Vang Vieng is quite warm in February. The lowest temperatures are around 15°C (59°F), and the highest temperatures reach around 31°C (87°F). There are about 2 days of rain amounting to about 17 mm (0.7 in).

Pakse: Pakse's weather is often hot during the day in February. The lowest temperatures at night are around 21°C (69°F), and the highest temperatures reach an average of 34°C (93°F). Pakse's average rainfall in February is only 8 mm (0.3 in), falling on about 1 day.

3. The Best Places to Visit in Laos in February

Here are the top recommended places to visit if you going to Laos in February.

1. Buddha Park, Vientiane

No matter when you are visiting Vientiane, Buddha Park is always a good place for visitors to have a close look at Laos' beautiful gardens and Buddhist culture.

The sculpture park has more than 200 religious statues. Among them, the huge 40-meter-high (130-foot-high) reclining Buddha statue is the biggest sculpture.

To take photos of the big Buddha sculpture, you can climb up a giant pumpkin-shaped building, which is about 10 meters high.

Besides the Buddha sculptures, there is an amazing Hindu sculpture, which shows the king of Hindu gods riding a three-headed elephant alongside other sacred Hindu deities.

2. COPE Visitor Center, Vientiane

If you are visiting Laos for the first time, then the COPE (Cooperative Orthotic & Prosthetic Enterprise) Visitor Center should be on your list.

As an important base to educate people about the injuries people sustain through everyday life and armed conflict, the Center offers great help to those who have lost limbs in Laos by offering them free equipment or prosthetics.

There you can see some short movies in the small cinemas and historical documents about the Vietnam War.

It is free to enter the center. It would be appreciated if you donate some money to support their work.

3. MandaLao Elephant Sanctuary, Luang Prabang

If you are visiting Luang Prabang with kids, then the MandaLao Elephant Conservation is a good place to get close to and interact with these lovely animals.

Located on the bank of the river Nam Khan, the sanctuary itself is a beautiful nature park, where you can enjoy the natural scenery of Laos.

You can hike through the jungle while searching for the elephants. While bathing and feeding the elephants, you can learn more about them.

The sanctuary is famed for its ethical way of caring for the elephants. So, for example, elephant riding is not allowed there.

4. Wat Xiengthong, Luang Prabang

As one of the well-known temples in Laos, Wat Xiengthong is a must-visit in Luang Prabang.

The temple is built on a large piece of land, which is a beautifully set with a Mekong River backdrop.

You can see numerous shrines, pavilions, and residences as well as beautiful gardens full of flowers and huge green trees.

You will be amazed by the mosaics and the interiors of the temple buildings.

It has become a popular destination for tourists and a top photography spot in Laos.

5. Nam Xay Viewpoint, Vang Vieng

If hiking is your thing, then Nam Xay Viewpoint in Vang Vieng should be on your list.

The viewpoint is located on the top of a steep mountain. From the summit, you can get a spectacular bird's-eye view of the natural scenery of Vang Vieng.

On one side of the viewpoint, the rice paddies run far into the distance, while on the other side you can see a sweeping range of mountains.

There are two motorbikes and a small wooden hut placed at the viewpoint where you can take pictures.

4. Crowding and Costs in February

February is in the Laos peak tourism season. It is not quite as busy as January or December, though. Crowding is not usually a big problem in February. You probably won't have to wait a long time to enter the main attractions.

But if the week of Chinese New Year is in February (which it is in 2024, but not in 2023), there will be more tourists.

Hotels, flights, tours are still at high-season prices in February. Many branded hotels book up quickly in this month.

So, research early to choose the best time to come and places to stay, and book early to secure deals. Contact us — we can do all the research and booking for your ideal trip.

5. What to Bring/Wear in February

February is quite warm and even hot in Laos in the day. So, pack summer clothes — shorts, t-shirts, light trousers, sunglasses, and light shirts... — with some warmer trousers, long-sleeve shirts, and a light jacket to change into when the temperature cools at night.

It is quite dry in February. So, bring things to keep your skin moisturized (lip balm, moisturizing sun cream, etc.) and drink plenty of water. Rainfall is only occasional and light in this month. An umbrella or a raincoat is probably not worth bringing.

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