The travel industry has experienced difficulties in a couple years as a result of the pandemic. But now we are adapting the ‘new normal’ which is another story. So, what is the travel trend in 2022? Let’s find out.

 As reported, traveling styles and trends has shifted dramatically this year. If 2021 was about domestic travel, then 2022 maybe all about ‘bucket list’ trip. Travelers plan to spend more and ‘spend big’ on travel in 2022 than they have in the past five years.

Even “DIY travelers,” who normally plan their own trips, are nowadays seeking professional help to make sure their upcoming travels are seamless.

People are far more interested in traveling independently. They want to be in control of their trip and are finding it far easier if they can be flexible and adaptable.

Luxury and tailor-made private trips are predicted to be the travel trends in the 2022 and even further.


What is Tailor-made trip?

It was defined as a holiday that customized by travel experts to fit every single of your need and preference. You can choose from travel styles to destinations and accommodations.

At AOJ, we only do tailor-made tours for each individual group to make sure your holiday experience is authentic. There are no other travel groups participate to make sure the privacy of the trip.


-        Safe Travel: Due to the effects of Covid, international travel restrictions and enter rules may change continuously in a blink. Your trip will always kept inform and updated 24/7 with the advice from AOJ travel experts.

-       Personalized Travel:  During the whole trip, the travel schedule is completely controlled by you and your group to make sure it is personalized and flexible.

-       Time saving: No more hustle or confusion while planning on your own.

-       Attention to Details: AOJ team pay attentions to the smallest details to make sure the trip is perfect.

-       Private & Luxury: Enjoy high standard services throughout the entire journey.

-       Professionally trained team members.

-       Tripadvisor Traveller’s Choice in 2020.

     ‘Travellers' Choice awards single out not just popular choices, but truly exceptional ones that travellers keep coming back for

-       Responsible Travel: We support local communities besides preserve the nature, environment and animals you meet there.


Planning a luxury, private tailor-made trip has never been easier.

Your dream holiday is just one click away!!

Don’t hesitate to send AOJ a request

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