Here are a few travel tips that you need to know before visiting Vietnam, especially if you are a first-time visitor.


Vietnam has quite a diverse climate depending on which region you choose to visit. But overall Vietnam has a mild tropical or subtropical climate. Hot, humid, and occasionally rainy so be sure to bring an umbrella, especially if you visit from July to November.

Tips To Plan A Perfect Trip To Vietnam - Tour Packages and Vacation | Ancient Orient Journeys

Peak Season (July – August)

July and August are the busiest months to visit Vietnam. The whole country, except the far north, is hot and humid.

However, if you want to see a bit of everything and not planning to stick to one particular region, the best time to visit Vietnam is during Spring (February – April) or Autumn (September – November).


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The currency in Vietnam is the Dong (VND).

ATM’s are widely accessible across Vietnam, but generally, cash is mostly used here. But not all banks accept foreign cards, so it’s best to try one of the bigger branches like HSBC and Citi Bank that accepts Visa or Mastercard.

Most hotels, tour operators, and fancier restaurants should accept debit or credit cards.

Tips To Plan A Perfect Trip To Vietnam - Tour Packages and Vacation | Ancient Orient Journeys


Since most part of Vietnam is hot and humid, Pack light, breathable clothing that won’t stick to your body. Also, fabrics that dry fast, like linen, cotton, or light rayon is a plus.

Depending on your itinerary, you’ll probably need a good balance of cool and warmer items. Pack a few warm things if you’re headed to Sapa or other mountainous regions. And, if you’re only sticking to the southern or central areas, you can easily get away with just your favorite shorts, rompers, skirts, summer dresses.


The standard voltage in Vietnam is 220V with a frequency of 50HZ. Unless your home country uses a similar voltage, remember to bring along a travel plug when visiting Vietnam.

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