This small town is the cultural heart of Laos. The historic city center, with its beautiful colonial architecture and Buddhist temples which are featured in UNESCO World Heritage list.

It is the perfect place to unwind for a few days and take in the rich culture of Laos.

One of the best things to do in Luang Prabang is to wake up early in the morning for Tak Bat – when hundreds of monks collect their daily alms throughout the city. Take in the stunning landscape and sunset from a river cruise and visit the breathtaking Kuang Si Falls.

The night market and shops in Luang Prabang are the perfect places to shop for traditional Laotian arts and crafts.

On the outskirts of Luang Prabang and up the impressive Mekong River is the Pak Ou Caves -an important religious site for locals in Luang Prabang. Filled with over 4000 individual Buddha statues, the landscapes are insane around the cave and nothing beats getting into the Laos way of life than a relaxing boat trip up the Mekong River.

Make sure you visit the Royal Palace and the meticulously decorated Wat Xieng Thong temple. There are many temples on the palace grounds full of elaborate mosaics, decorative wall carvings, gold leaf gilding and beautiful lacquering.


Vientiane – the captital city with a mixture of French-colonial architecture, ornate Buddhist temples, and modern amenities. This is the smallest capital in South East Asia.

The main attractions in Vientiane are the Patuxai, a beautiful victory arch, and Wat Si Saket, the most important Buddhist temple in the city.

 During the day, plan on visiting Buddha Park, an unusual sculpture park about a 45-minute motorbike ride from the city center. 

Make sure to visit Wat Si Saket - a temple that displays thousands of Buddha images. It was once home to the famous Emerald Buddha Statue that now resides in the Grand Palace in Bangkok.



Located near the central part of Laos, Vang Vieng remains popular among tourists for its water sports, hiking, and outdoor activities. The surrounding natural area is truly stunning, with caves for exploring and crystal-clear blue lagoons for swimming.

Vang Vieng is also a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies. The karst hills and caves around the city are great for rock climbing and hiking

If outdoor activities aren’t your thing, just spend the day exploring the city. It’s full of cafes, street food vendors, and restaurants serving western fare if you are craving a taste of home. 



Located 400 kilometers northeast of Vientiane Capital, Xieng Khouang is best known for being the most anciently attractive place with its spectacular scenery and centuries-old destinations reserving the footprints from the war.

Xieng Khouang is blessed with a remarkable geographical location, surrounded by mountain ranges. It has a long and rich history and is home to numerous ethnic groups, including Thai Phuan, Hmong, Khmu and Tai Dam.

 The Plain of Jars is in the UNESCO World Heritage site list. It is a collection of large stone jars interspersed throughout the Xieng Khouang plain in the Lao Highlands. The stone structures are mostly made of sedimentary rock and, ranging from 3 to 10 feet in height (1 to 3 meters), each can weigh up to 14 tons.


The Xieng Khouang Provincial Museum is great for visitors wanting to dip into a bit of Lao heritage, or those wanting to dive deeper into local history.


Source: Travel and Destinations & Wandering Wheatleys

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