A must-visit place in Hanoi

Hanoi Train Street refers to a section of railway track in the capital's Old Quarter, stretched between Dien Bien Phu and Phung Hung streets, and situated only a few feet from nearby houses.

The line was constructed by the French, who used it to transport goods and people across Vietnam, then part of Indochina, alongside Laos and Cambodia, over 100 years ago

Hanoi Train Street also has an impressive architecture with a mixture of new and old houses. It paints a beautiful picture with different colors, creating a vintage vibe on every corner of the street.

In recent years, cafés had opened along the tracks to serve tourists who enjoyed their drinks in close proximity to passing trains

Enjoying the adventurous coffee on the rails is one of the unique experiences in Hanoi.

You can choose to sit either inside the coffee shop or on the side of the street, or even on the train tracks. Sipping an egg coffee while enjoying the characteristics of small neighbors is a fantastic experience.

Tips: If you’d like better photos, you should better wait until Saturday and Sunday to watch the train come.

Source: Expatolife & Vnexpress

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