It's been a while and it's time to check all the destinations on your checklist.

As Vietnam has been able to keep Covid-19 pandemic under control and getting used to the ‘new normal’ life after Covid, AOJ is excited to announce that we are officially getting back to business and ready to take any of your tourism requests.

Businesses in Vietnam has faced many difficulties throughout the last 2 years of Covid-19, especially accommodations, tour operators and travel services. Some shut down and some closed temporarily while most international flights and even domestic flights have been cancelled due to travel restrictions enacted by the Vietnam Government.

The past 2 years was also the tough time for AOJ. There are many ups and downs for the  business. Facing great uncertainty in tourism industry as well as the low demands for travelling, we decided to have a pause while keep ourselves updated everyday to provide truly authentic holiday experiences in the former Orient of Indo-China region. Despite all the challenges, AOJ believes that we will get through this pandemic together.

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And here we are, back to the business with even more enthusiasm, passionate and adjusting flexibly to the ‘new normal’ in order to keep up with high demands for travelling after Covid-19. 

Our expert advisers constantly discovering and inspecting new destinations and landscapes. AOJ keeps updating the itineraries of some old favorites. In addition, the team of tour guides an drivers are trained professionally to ensures bringing clients extraordinary and unforgettable experiences. 

Vietnam and its neighborhoods Thailand, Laos and Cambodia reopened borders and on the track of recovery tourism as well as hospitality industry. At the present, tourists can be able to have a visit with an ease. Travelling is basically back to normal while it requires no Covid related documents or tests to enter the countries.

AOJ is not just a usual holiday planning business. At AOJ, we listening and understand your needs and preferences in order to customize exquisite, private and unique holidays for you and the beloved ones throughout Vietnam and other nearby countries such as Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.

Come join us for great journeys ahead, a holiday that you have always dream of. Don’t hesitate to send us requests and let AOJ turns it into a memorable holiday.


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