Although in the Marble mountains – the most visited attraction in Da Nang, travelers often miss Am Phu cave

One of reasons is that it’s mentioned much online and not recommended by travel companies (time for the mountain itself is long already). 

Due to its fascinating beauty and association with local history and culture, Am Phu cave is worth sightseeing.  

In this article, everything travelers need to know about Am Phu cave in Da Nang is provided. 

How to get there, what to do nearby or tours, we also mentioned to help finalize the visiting plan quicker.

By the way, 260 kilometers north of Da Nang, Phong Nha – Ke Bang national park is known for hundreds of caves, including the world’s largest one – Son Doong. It’s titled “the Kingdom of caves”. 

In 2003, Unesco added it into the world heritage site list, and in 2015, this was rewarded again thanks to high biodiversity. If have time, why not visit?

Am Phu cave is Da Nang’s longest natural cave (300 meters). Its entrance is at the foot of Hon Thuy Son (the Water mountain) – the largest of the Marble mountains. 

Meaning that the cave is a part of the Marble mountains. It’s famous for its name, its extensive chambers and its historic role in the Vietnam war. 

In addition, this marvel connects with Buddhist culture about life after death, and karma.

Fact: In Vietnamese language, the name of Am Phu cave means “the hell”. Local people explain that it’s dark, mysterious and scary before, so they call it the hell cave.

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